Melissa Coons | 03/02/2021

Owning a UTV is fun and practical. The standard models have everything you need for your traditional driving experience. However, those who are looking for more safety features, greater comfort and an enhanced driving experience will want to purchase some additional accessories. Here are the top five accessories you should consider adding to your UTV.


Adding a rear-view mirror to your UTV is a smart idea. It will help you have better awareness of what is around your vehicle. Adding side-mirrors will also give you added awareness of your surroundings. Plus, if you live in an area where UTVs are permitted on public streets, having a rear-view mirror will keep you street legal.



While there is nothing more exhilarating than the wind in your hair, it will become less thrilling in extreme weather conditions. Don’t let the rain or extreme heat keep you from enjoying your time in the great outdoors. There are both fabric and hardtop options available to meet your needs.



Adding a windshield to your UTV will help keep you safe from debris when driving on trails and more rugged environments. It also helps protect you from dust, wind and weather elements. No matter what terrain you’re traversing, a windshield makes the perfect layer of added protection.


Cargo Net

When you’re zipping over the hills and through the woods the last thing you want is your belongings flying out of your UTV. Cargo nets are a great way to secure items. This easy solution will save you time and money.



Taking your UTV on muddy trails or sandy dunes may land you in a tight spot. You’ll never have to worry about getting stuck when you have a winch! These are incredibly convenient for the avid trail rider. They are also durable and tend to last for several years with proper maintenance.


If you are looking to enhance your driving experience while increasing safety and comfort, then these accessories are a must have for any UTV enthusiast. At ATVs and More, we offer a large selection of after-market parts and accessories. Our experienced team is ready to help you find the perfect accessories for your UTV. Visit us online at or call us at (618) 548-1360.