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Tires Make The Difference

Melissa Coons | 04/07/2021

ATV tires are something that will eventually need replaced. Perhaps since purchasing your ATV you have found some favorite riding spots and really put those tires to the test.  Is your favorite spot rugged, sandy, muddy or partially paved? Since terrains are different in every environment, it’s important to outfit your ATV with the appropriate tires for the terrain you are most often riding on.


All terrain tires come standard on most ATVs. They are extremely versatile and can handle a multitude of riding conditions. These tires tend to last longer than other tires and they are a popular choice. With a deep tread and large contact patch, trail tires provide traction and a smooth ride.



With an aggressive look and deep tread depth, mud tires really shine with their performance capabilities. The tall lugs act as paddles to help get good traction in soft muddy terrain. While these tires are perfect for the mud, they will offer a less than comfortable ride when using them on harder surfaces.



Turf saver tires are special made for lawns, turf or pavement. Other forms of tires will damage turf. These types of tires offer a tread that is similar to a lawnmower tire. Turf saver tires are truly the best choice for driving on harder surfaces.


Not all tires are created equal, especially when considering the terrain. Southern Illinois Motorsports offers a wide selection of tires to fit your needs.  Not sure what size you need? No problem! Our staff is here to help you. Call us today at (618) 549-7397.