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Must Have Dirt Bike Gear

ATVs and More | 05/12/2020
Everyone knows that dirt bike riding requires safety gear. But not everyone knows which gear to get. It can be tough building your starter collection, which is why we created the following guide to essential dirt bike safety gear. 
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A Helmet
The first essential piece of dirt bike gear is, of course, a helmet. This handy item offers protection from concussions, brain injury, and even death during a bad crash. Never hop onto your dirt bike without it!
But a helmet alone is not enough. It needs to be well-fitting to offer the protection you want. Too loose and your head can move upon impact, reducing the effectiveness of the protection. Too tight and you face an increased risk of chomping down on your tongue and cheek in a crash.
There are a few key traits to seek out when helmet shopping. Look for:
  • a crash tested model. Government agencies (such as the Department of Transportation) and non-profit organizations (such as Snell) put helmets through rigorous safety tests. Get a model that received good ratings.
  • a comfortable model. Improve your ride by getting a helmet that offers features such as ventilation and extra padding.
  • a full-face model. This style provides the most protection and coverage.
Sturdy Boots
You'd never jump onto your dirt bike wearing flip-flops. But closed-toed shoes alone are not enough. You need a few more features to get the protection you want. The right dirt bike riding shoes guard your feet against kicked-up debris, absorb impact after a jump, and help prevent a twisted ankle. 
It helps to purchase dirt bike boots, which are designed with dirt bike riding in mind. Make sure the boots lack laces since the laces can get caught in your dirt bike and cause an issue. Once you purchase boots, spend some time breaking them in before going on a long ride.
Eye Protection
When you ride your dirt bike, you face kicked-up debris, insects, low-hanging branches, compromised visibility due to rain, and so on. Eye protection helps ensure you can clearly see the path and keeps your eyes safe from incoming hazards.
Make sure your eye protection fits with your helmet and isn’t uncomfortable to wear. It’s also wise to find models that offer ventilation features to prevent fogging and extra foam padding to absorb sweat.
Dirt bike riding requires full-length outerwear, which protects your skin from the weather and during a crash. Make sure you get outerwear that leaves room for any accessories, such as a knee brace or chest protector.
Your hands face the hazards of weather, blisters, and scrapes. Protect them with dirt bike riding gloves. The right ones will offer extra grip and protection while staying comfortable to wear.
A Knee Brace
One of the most common sports injuries are knee injuries. Consider wearing a knee brace when you ride your dirt bike. This simple purchase can help protect your leg and knee against damage. Seek out a model that fits well and offers enough protection without being too uncomfortable to wear.
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